What you must know before you sign a lease

At the start of every tenancy, we will give you:

  • a copy of this information (the New tenant checklist) - Click to download handbook.
  • a copy of your lease (tenancy agreement)
  • a copy of the premises condition report
  • an invitation to lodge the bond using Rental Bonds Online (RBO). Or, if you are unable to use RBO, a bond lodgement form for you to sign, so that it can be lodged with NSW Fair Trading
  • keys to your new home.

Where applicable, you should also receive:

  • a certificate of compliance for a swimming pool
  • a copy of the by-laws, if the property is in a strata complex
  • notification if the premises has been listed on the Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Register (more on that later)
  • notification of any other material fact relating to the premises
  • Before you sign the lease, make sure you read it thoroughly. If there is anything in the lease that you do not understand, ask questions.

Remember, you are committing to a legally binding contract with no cooling-off period. You want to be certain you understand and agree to what you are signing.

Source: NSW Fair Trading