"A 'finger on the pulse' awareness of the market."

To whom it may concern,

Engaging Lindi Kim Sing of One Agency to sell my Balmain house was a smart move for me.
Lindi offered
- A positive approach throughout the sale process which was both reassuring and supportive.
- A professional attitude which was both perceptive and ethical.
- Extensive real estate experience and a 'finger on the pulse' awareness of the market. (Translated into a booklet clearly setting out the selling process and thus helping the seller avoid the usual pitfalls.)
- Problem-solving is Lindi's forte and glitches are avoided by her energetic troubleshooting and calming resolutions.

- Glenda Fell-Jones

"Lindi is a wonder"

We first met Lindi Kim Sing at a house opening in Balmain and were inspired by her vibrant engagement with potential buyers, so much so that we engaged her to sell our house, and later on to sell my deceased parents’ house on the north shore.

Lindi is a wonder. She is amazingly hard working, has considerable integrity and was on our side during the whole process, for both houses . Right from the start she made herself totally available and supported us with advice and contacts to complete minimum repairs, painting, gardening, storage and styling for both houses. Having Lindi’s affordable and reliable local trade contacts alleviated us of significant pressure during what is a most stressful time. She encouraged us to obtain separate quotes and always checked work done if she has referred us.

Her marketing planning was impressive, her potential buyer follow up and engagement was exceptional and her feedback to us was timely and helpful. Most importantly, Lindi’s input was above and beyond any expectation. By comparison we purchased a house from a local agent who was totally disinterested in helping us or the owners, to our price advantage. What comparison.

- Lesley Painter
Lane Cove

"She gives great advice"

To Whom It May Concern

I have just sold my Balmain terrace through Lindi Kim-Sing of Balmain Realty and cannot sing her praises high enough. She was diligent, professional, thorough and delivered an exceptional result, with the price attained well exceeding my expectations. She completely understands the dynamics of the market and buyer sentiment, and adjusts presentation and timing perfectly to accommodate. She gives great advice on pre-sale preparation, and is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure things are done properly. She is also a pleasure to deal with. I have bought and sold many properties and Lindi is by far the best agent I have used. I would definitely use her again.

Feel free to contact me if you would like further detail.


- Amanda Wilson

"She is one of the hardest working people we know"

To whom it may concern

When it came time to sell our property we didn’t hestitate to contact Lindi Kim Sing.

We already knew she was a consummate professional in her field because we’d already witnessed her successfully selling other properties in our building.

We had seen her close attention to detail in preparing properties for sale and we had perceived her to be very personable and a good communicator – which were borne out in her ability to negotiate the best possible selling price for us.

Lindi kept us fully informed, was always able to be contacted and was prompt in returning calls if we left a message.

Lindi also put us in touch with an excellent conveyancer, Matthew Grew, who we would be happy to recommend to anyone buying or selling property.

With her experience and her industry knowledge, Lindi provided a reliable appraisal of our property. She is one of the hardest working people we know, and throughout the process she showed us she genuinely cares about her clients.

We would unreservedly recommend Lindi’s services to anyone and we thank her for working tirelessly on our behalf to achieve a successful outcome.

- Lois Brown a’Court and Glenn a’Court

"Highly motivated, competitive and ambitious"

To who it may concern,

My wife and I wish to express our gratitude to Lindi Kim-Sing of One Agency Real Estate on the sale of our home of 30 years.

Lindi put our interests ahead of her own in achieving the best results for us.

While she is highly motivated, competitive and ambitious, all the main requirements that make a great estate agent, we observed Lindi understands the significance of treating colleagues and clients with

respect, attributes which are often lacking in modern real estate. Lindi is a true lady.

Lindi built a strong relationship with my wife & I . She has amazing personal presence and this is reflected in her presentation of our property's sale, made evident by the stunning photography and impressive

marketing campaign she presented for us.

We believe as Lindi’s referral base will undoubtedly continue to grow it can only relate to ongoing success for anyone lucky enough to have her as their agent.

Yours Sincerely

- Tony and Trish Kelly

"She was instrumental in helping us locate the perfect rental"

"She was instrumental in helping us locate the perfect rental"

To Whom it may Concern:

This letter is in praise of Lindi Kim Sing, Principal of One Agency.

My wife and I had two opportunities to benefit from Lindi’s skills. In July 2016, she was instrumental in helping us locate the perfect rental. She handled all details, from negotiating a mutually agreeable starting date with the owner all the way through to helping us furnish the apartment to our exact tastes. No detail was too big or small for Lindi to attend to.

A year later, Lindi handled the lease extension with her accustomed efficiency and personal attention. As before, she worked with us and the owner to ensure satisfaction of both parties.

When our housing needs come up again, my first call will certainly go to Lindi!


- Dr Stanley Rabinowitz

"Honesty, integrity, knowledge"

Lindi Kim Sing of One Agency was the exclusive agent for the sale of my property. Although she has all the crucial character qualities required: honesty, integrity, knowledge, great people skills and deep professionalism, her most important, most essential quality is a total commitment and enthusiasm for the sale and intense dedication to work for and with her clients.

Lindi’s guidance and the significant efforts made on my behalf were exceptional and well above what, in my opinion, would be required and expected from any other real estate agent.

The totality of the experience was very profitable for me and totally satisfying in every aspect. Should I wish to sell any other real estate, I would not hesitate for a second in again engaging Lindi Kim Sing to handle the sale.

- Peter Foye

"She delivered on what she had initially promised."

Earlier this year I engaged the services of Lindi to sell a house belonging to my son, who had moved at short notice to the USA.

Lindi was the last of the real estate salespeople that I saw. The vigour and confidence that she gave to me of her capabilities of selling the property, made me choose her above four other agents. I was not disappointed.

Lindi used her natural hard work ethic to promote the house at every opportunity. We repeated some photos she was not satisfied with on the first run, and she had the flexibility to alter advertising if it was not fulfilling the requirements that it was designed for. This demonstrated to me that her aim was to sell the property, and that she was indeed working for the vendor.

We had done some major alterations to the house and it had been a long journey, the fact that my son had to move with his employment overseas and never got to live in the house had added to the stress levels. It was at this point that I had to sell the property on his behalf, requiring furnishing it, and presenting it ready for sale. I enjoyed Lindi’s input with this part of the programme.

On looking back, I can now say that what Lindi gave was 110% of her time and effort. This gave to me peace of mind, and I think that is one of the greatest skills in marketing. She delivered on what she had initially promised.

I understand Lindi has now decided to form her own company. I wish her the very best, and would recommend her abilities to any prospective sellers or buyers. Meeting Lindi and engaging her was a very positive experience for me. I would not hesitate to have her market any property in the future.

- Janette Iles

"Lindi will look after you"

Reference for our Real Estate Agent Lindi Kim Sing

It’s very simple. If you are selling your property we think Lindi is the best agent you can find. Lindi has just helped us sell our house and we are very pleased with how much we achieved for it.

If you’re selling your house it can be pretty hard to know what to do. From the beginning Lindi guided us through the preparation, helped my wife Jen style and how to best market our house and what to expect next. Getting the photographs taken, looking after the open house inspections and everything else was made easy and done on time.

We received several offers before the auction and Lindi communicated with everybody. She gave everyone who wanted to buy our house the opportunity to make their best offer and to know what was going on. As it turned out we did sell before the auction for a great price.

Lindi is very friendly. She introduced us to the buyers and they and we are very happy with how things went. And all along the way Lindi was very professional.

So, if you would like to sell your house, or just get an appraisal then you can be sure that Lindi will look after you.


- Matthew Janssen