I want to sell my property

Looking to sell property? When selling a property, only one thing really matters – having
an energetic, proactive real estate agent in your corner.

An agent who:

  • Exceeds your customer-service expectations.
  • Expertly prepares your property for sale.
  • Possesses a deep understanding of buyer behaviour and the sales process.
  • Has the skills to negotiate the best achievable price.

If you are thinking “Yes, I need a real estate agent to sell my home”, we are here to help. The Realestate Agency is headed up by Lindi Kim Sing. With over 40 years experience as a real estate seller she has a hands-on caring approach, unflagging energy and a natural hard work ethic, which is how she has achieved record sales prices for her clients.

Why sell your property with The Realestate Agency?

Here are 6 good reasons…

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The Realestate Agency prioritises experience over youth when hiring our team of real estate sellers..

We are a team of professional sales, marketing and admin specialists focused on making sure no detail is overlooked. It's this ability to ensure all the little things are done right that makes the selling process as pressure-free and successful as it can be for you.

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When buyers are sitting in front of a property (either physically or online or looking at your marketing) they want information and answers immediately.

All emails are answered within 5 mins of an enquiry and we are always available to take their calls, this makes a huge difference to the number of interested parties you can end up with competing for your home.

Sort out your finances

Understanding everything about our local market - from the recent sale prices and economic conditions, down to the neighbourhood selling points and school catchments - ensures we position your property in the market for maximum impact and exposure to secure you the best outcome.

Sort out your finances

Any agent can buy a designer-label outfit, lease a ritzy office and extravagant car but they can only acquire the ability to negotiate effectively by being involved in hundreds of real estate transactions.

Crucial to the most successful outcome for you is choosing a real estate seller with the skills and expertise to ensure you are able to sell your property at the highest price.

Sort out your finances

Using our extensive market knowledge and experience, we will take you through the pros and cons of each option. Then we will make recommendations for you on the best method of sale to offer your property to the market - it's about helping YOU decide the best way to sell property and achieve a premium price.

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Sometimes, when it comes to selling your property for top dollar, it's the little things which can make a big difference. As a real estate agency, we offer all our clients the benefit of our experience around how to present their property to make it ‘pop’ in photographic images and videos and for the decision maker to ‘fall in love’ with your property.

We understand how to maximise the saleability of Inner West properties.

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It's not just about having buyers fall in love with your property. Ultimately, they need to be in a position to buy it.

That's why marketing and targeting the property to precisely the right group of buyers at the right price range will give you the best chance of achieving top dollar when they do set their hearts on purchasing it.

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Implementing the appropriate marketing strategy so that it stands out from the crowd in a busy marketplace requires professional experience from a real estate seller and a detailed understanding of where the buyers are looking, as well as what makes the biggest impact in their hearts and minds.

When you are ready to sell your home, we’ll provide you with a cost effective, strategic, multi-channel marketing campaign tightly targeted at motivated buyers.

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Selling your greatest asset, your home or even an investment can be a draining and emotional experience. At the Realestate Agency, we’re committed to communicating with you in a supportive but honest fashion

Our real estate sales agents will do everything possible to get you the best possible price, but they will never mess you around by making promises they can never deliver on.

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The Realestate Agency has a proud record of smashing sales records and achieving industry-leading auction clearance rates

We’re always happy to reveal our latest sales achievements and explain how can help you to sell your home and get you the kind of impressive results we’ve achieved for hundreds of satisfied customers

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