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The Realestate Agency treats everyone with respect.

Landlords want two things:.

  • A tenant who looks after the property and pays their rent on time.
  • A responsive Real Estate Property Manager they can rely on.

The Realestate Agency treats tenants and landlords with respect. Unlike some agencies, we never make tenants feel like second-class citizens. We believe happy tenants are almost always good tenants.

We understand the financial demands of paying off an investment property. As your property management agency, we’ll do everything possible to ensure your property stays tenanted, remains in good condition and continues to generate healthy rental returns. Whether you’re looking for a commercial property manager or in need of residential property management, our team provides you with the highest level of care throughout the process.

What the Realestate Agency offers landlords

Our core property management services:

Sort out your finances
The Realestate Agency uses cutting-edge technology as well as ads on premier listing positions to reach the people most likely to make good tenants. We also allow plenty of time for inspections so our property and real estate managers can chat to – and pre-screen – potential tenants. Once our property management agency has received a sufficient number of rental applications, we then choose the applicant who is best suited to your property and submit them for your approval.
Sort out your finances
Any real estate property manager should be fanatic about checking the tenancy ledgers, employment histories and personal references of potential tenants. We definitely are. We also run their names through a national tenancy database to search for red flags. Only then do we submit for your consideration prospective tenant/s, prepare a lease agreement on your behalf and have the tenant sign it. All new tenants receive a Tenancy Handbook. This clearly lays out what is expected of them.
Sort out your finances
All potential tenants are made aware that as the property management agency, The Realestate Agency requires payment by direct debit and has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to arrears. During the lease-signing meeting, our tenants are required to sign a ‘Rent Arrears Procedure’ document. This states they will receive a polite reminder if they miss a rent payment by two days, a breach notice once they are eight days late and a ‘Non-Payment of Rent Termination’ (i.e. a notice to vacate) as soon as they are 15 days in arrears.
Sort out your finances
Our residential property management team aim to keep properties in good condition and tenants happy by sorting out leaky taps and malfunctioning stoves as soon as possible Our tenants have commented and appreciate our responsiveness to maintenance issues. Over the years, we have assembled a team of trustworthy tradies who offer competitive prices in return for regular work.
Sort out your finances
We provide free of charge, an ‘Ingoing Inspection Report’ at the start of each tenancy. This is a condition report and can include up to 400 + photographs. Following that, the property is inspected three months after the tenant moves in and again, you receive free of charge, the first Routine Inspection Report, and at 6 monthly intervals thereafter. We don’t tell tenants how to live. But we do make it clear that they are expected to keep the property clean, tidy and undamaged. An ‘Outgoing Condition Report’ is compiled at the end of the lease and the cost of a professional clean is deducted from the bond if the property isn’t returned in its original condition.
Sort out your finances
All monies received from your tenant are banked in a trust account. We take care of paying any bills e.g. water and council rates. Once any expenses are deducted, rental monies are transferred to your bank account at the end of the month. At the end of each financial year, we’ll send you a free of charge Statement detailing the rental income you’ve received over the previous 12 months, as well as all the expenses you’ve incurred. This makes it easy for you, or your accountant, to fill in your tax return.

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